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Job Training - Mechanical CAD Courses

Our OJT programme allows students to gain practical experience and industry exposure with work-based training. The program envisions grooming talented individuals to be industry ready thus assisting them to hit the ground running when the opportunity finally knocks the door.

As in every industry, if you want to build a successful career it is a prerequisite that you have thorough understanding about the basic principles in the field. In other words, we make you stronger the foundation, lesser the chances to fail.

As the saying goes, “Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I’ll remember. Involve me, I’ll understand”. OJT gives you an opportunity to immerse yourself in the specific industry which is of interest to the individual and learn necessary skills before entering the job market. This enhances your chance of landing in a job since companies look for individuals who can go live on the project with minimum training.

Alcor engineering provides state of the art OJT in the field of CAD. Our intention is to equip our students with practical knowledge to face interviews with confidence. With surveys predicting a boom in the CAD job market, it is the right time to gain practical knowledge about the most modern industrial practices. And it goes without saying that it is better if you grow with the best-in-class industry oriented training.

Process of OJT
  • Written Test
  • Interview
  • Training
  • Evaluation
  • Career Guidance
  • Interview Preparation
  • JOB
Written Test :

  Subjects for CAD: Engineering Graphics, Engineering Mathematics, Solid mechanics and Manufacturing Technology.

Interview :

  Practical Engineering with Presentation Slides.

  Project Explanation.

Training :

  Selected graduates will undergo customized OJT training till they meet industrial requirements.

Evaluation :

  In order to measure the ability of us to travel in the ocean of Design engineering, we need to analyze current status at every instant of training. Every weekend there will be a tool test as an evaluation process.

Career Guidance :

  Career guidance will be given by Engineers who work in reputed companies in India. All the job aspects will be dealt on the right time.

Interview Preparation :

  A graduate has to have a good communication to work in a MNC and reputed industries. Alcor’s aim is to making a graduate fit for reputed industries requirement rather than normal industries, since we always train in such a fashion.

  • We not only teach the software, rather we deal all the software with impressive theory.
  • During course of learning, based on Students performance, we will select them for Alcor Engineering Services –Industrial Project division. After training, they may be placed in some of our client place.
  • Training from Experts in the industry
  • Evaluation
  • We enrich the students knowledge in DFMA (Design for manufacturing & assembly)
  • We enrich the students knowledge in GD&T (Geometric dimensioning & Tolerance)

At Alcor Engineering Services, we make the graduate as engineer. Our training program not only focus on the technical but also dignity. We have experienced design engineers, as Course instructors. All the training batches are carefully selected according to the industry requirements/standards.

For more comprehensive details on our project training, you can also call us to arrange a personal appointment.

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